Commercial delivery / No background Gate compelled - $2,475.00 Commercial distribution / elevator Gate forced - $2,575.00 Residential delivery / background Gate compelled - $2,605.00 college or College delivery / No elevator Gate compelled - $2,505.00 institution or College distribution / background Gate compelled - $2,605.00

List pricing $2150.00 to add $275.00 crating dues = $2425.00.

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Commercial distribution - $50.00

Residential/School or College shipment - $80.00

Lift gate fee - $100.00

RANAR 4 Color/1 terminal Rotary push With Micro registration - V-4100 - RANAR manufactures the VISTA collection Presses because that the entrance Level screen Printer. Every one of the Vista series have micro-registration. There space adjustments for warped or uneven screens, and off contact. As well as our patented flexible screen background tension. Plus a roller bearing and key index registration system for perfect multi-color prints every time. These printing presses room made that steel and powder coated because that a sturdy finish and also upgrade-able.

Up-gradable and Convertible display Printing Press:

The Vista series presses room designed to flourish with your business. A home business starting with a V-4100 4 shade 1 terminal t-shirt print press, can easily be upgraded or converted to 6 colors and also 4 or 6 station rotating printer because that professional display screen printing shop. Us offer countless kits and shop packages, to aid you start and also grow your screen printing business. 

Lifetime guarantee just from Catspit - us guarantee every Ranar screenprinting presses to last a lifetime. Catspit Productions guarantees all parts, with the exception of MDF pallets, for a lifetime for the initial owner if friend buy v Catspit Productions. We do not guarantee or vouch Ranar presses bought v Ranar or other dealers.

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- free Shipping almost everywhere In The continent USA!- lifetime Guarantee On all Presses!- No Sales Tax except in California State!- stole Roller Bearing Indexer and Key!- Hazard complimentary Compression feather Lift Arms!- No relocating Parts ~ above ALL publish Head Clamps!- Modular Upgrade-able Construction!- Micro it is registered Standard!- an additional Pallet arm Off contact Adjustments!- Pallet eight Leveling!- screen Angle Warp Adjustments!- mechanical Micro Zeroing System!- life time Technical support From Experience!- Your difficult earned money stays right below in the USA!


The factory is close up door on Saturdays and Sundays as well as all major holidays. It is provided orders delivery within 3 to 5 organization days. Devices orders have a 2 come 3 week lead time to ship from the date your payment is confirmed and also cleared. All standard shipping is detailed by UPS ground. Items that ship freight may vary by carrier.

If you have actually questions, require rush business or personal details should be arranged for equipment orders please speak to Catspit Productions. Execute not speak to RANAR. We room a dealer for RANAR; if you speak to them direct you’re do a acquisition from RANAR no Catspit Productions. If you great to assistance us and also do organization with united state then please speak to us straight for all her equipment and also supplies needs. We’re happy to aid out in any way. 480-899-9089