General InfoThe sixth Police ar is a patrol unit the covers an area of an ext than 2 square miles. It offer Richard Allen Homes, culture Hill and Northern Liberties. The district provides services for over 250,000 individuals, consisting of office workers, merchants, shoppers, visitors, commuters, sightseers and tourists. The 6th Police district is an unit that the Philadelphia Police Department, which provides crime prevention services that encompass personal, automobile, home and also workplace safety. The department administers the medicine Abuse Resistance education (D.A.R.E.) program. It offers online and paper reporting choices for crimes. The Philadelphia Police department is administer by the City of Philadelphia.Hours
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Phone:(215) 627-2194

Phone:(215) 592-6000

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Phila Police sixth District

Phila Police Department

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Most are great peoplle simply trying to obtain home at night they room compassionate, and also do care about every nevertheless if you are homeless or supervisor rich, each person is referee differently, sure there are negative cops but most are an excellent cops. That ns respect and take my cap to too, the poor cops room seeded out and also go someplace else, these police officers are indigenous diplomatic on all problem and also handle a situation, regardless if a an excellent 1 or a bad equal

Most Philadelphia police policemans are brief and/or obese dorks who became cops to compensate for their inadequacies. Some Philly cops room pathological bullies, sadistic psychopaths who came to be cops for this reason they might torture people and get away v it. All Philadelphia police police officers are dirtbags of one sort or another. Either they blatantly rest the legislation - or "only" feloniously sheathe up for cops that do.

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