General InfoVisit your Target in college Point, NY because that all her shopping needs consisting of clothes, lawn & patio, baby gear, electronics, groceries, toys, games, shoes, sporting goods and also more. We offer our guest in 49 claims nationwide and also at Target.com. We"re committed to offering a fun and also convenient shopping experience, with unique commodities at affordable prices. Due to the fact that 1946, the corporation has provided 5 percent the its income through ar grants and programs like Take fee of Education. Today, that offering equals more than $4 million a week.Hours

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8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Extra Phones

Phone:(718) 886-4160

Phone:(718) 321-0571

Phone:(718) 661-0713

TollFree:(800) 440-0680

Services/ProductsDVDsVideo GamesMusic CDs & TapesWedding Party GiftsPayment methodamex, debit, discover, master card, visa, check, all significant credit cards, cash, agency cardLocationCollege allude Retail CtrNeighborhoodsNortheastern Queens, college PointAmenitiesATMOther Link


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Parking:Lot, Private

Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Price range :Average






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Glo W.

Normally this is no a bad Target, and also the employees room usually polite and efficient. Yet yesterday morning I had actually an incredibly bad experience with a really coarse, ill-mannered, hostile, crude oil "customer service" "person" named Natasha. She had a really hard time taking care of what i think is the most simple of customer organization transactions - a directly exchange. Also though I clearly stated it to be a directly exchange, and also even inserted the items i beg your pardon I want in place of the items ns was trading on the counter, she still cure it as a cash refund (although I had purchased the items v a debit card). And also then she realized she had actually done the refund incorrectly....but tho packaged increase the items for me, so i asked her if I might go and she snapped, "no, I"m not finished!". Then she started going v the refund procedure all end again. Ns picked up my bag and stated i would just leave (and there to be a large line growing behind me....and the customer service person beside her was additionally being incredibly rude, argumentative and sarcastic to her customer, and also taking an exceptionally long time to do a simple transaction, and also was also obviously confused and not really knowledgeable). Therefore Natasha replied, "if friend do, then ns will speak to the guard and tell him you space STEALING!" The customer beside me was in the process of demanding to view a manager, so I stated that I also would speak to her when he was done. Natasha spat in ~ me "I don"t tell you exactly how to carry out your job, don"t phone call me just how to do mine!" WOW...whether she to be PMSing, having actually a negative day, or simply angry at the world, i really need to wonder at the wisdom of having someone choose this in customer service, indeed, in any type of position, in any type of store, anywhere. Oh, and then Natasha and also her same undertrained co-worker started commenting amongst themselves that they "did not need this so beforehand in the morning"....really? and I guess customers DO need nasty, incompetent, threatening actions from store employees ~ above a Saturday morning? The manager was an extremely nice and polite and apologized numerous times on Natasha"s behalf however seemed somehow a tiny intimidated by her. If you do ever go come this Target on a Saturday morning and also have to walk to customer Service....well, don"t to speak you weren"t warned.