You’ll feeling at home on our intimate, yet colorful campus, situated in Buffalo"s exciting Elmwood Village. Our campus boasts advanced classrooms and also labs, historic brick buildings, and also classic quads, lined with trees and also outdoor art. Our accessible campus not just supports your academic life, but likewise your rest, relaxation, and play.

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Buffalo State is surrounded by trendy cafés, museums, restaurants, shops, parks, and Victorian-styled housing.

Albright-Knox arts Gallery Buffalo background Museum Buffalo Zoo Burchfield Penney Art facility The Elmwood town


Campus safety is assured by college Police patrols, residence halls security, safe escort programs, motorist assistance and emergency response planning.


more than 3,000 student live on campus in 11 corridor, suite, and apartment-style campus residence halls. Many residence halls space within a five-minute walk from classrooms.


ours newly-renovated Science and also Mathematics complicated houses state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities, greenhouses, and labs.


Sound abounds in the Ciminelli Recital Hall. This incredible facility is used for student and faculty recitals, guest artist performances, and to teach and produce sound recording.

The sports Arena is the house for men"s and also women"s basketball, women"s volleyball, and indoor track and also field, and also is a practice facility because that several various other Buffalo State teams.

A campus landmark, Rockwell room is residence to the 850-seat Performing Arts center at Rockwell Hall, Ciminelli Recital Hall, classrooms, computer labs, dance studios, governmental offices, practice rooms, and also more.

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Upton hall is the residence of Buffalo State"s renowned visual arts programs, the largest and most considerable visual arts regimen at the four-year college level. 

Performances room a consistent feature that Buffalo State’s programming, specifically at the Performing Arts facility at Rockwell Hall, Ciminelli Recital Hall, Warren start Theatre, and also the Burchfield Penney art Center. 

The Campbell college student Union is a main space whereby the academic and social dimensions of university life meet.